jeudi 11 août 2011

Tango de los hombres

For my thesis research, I'm reading a book on tango, and another one on salsa. I'm discovering the complexity of partner dancing, and how the analysis and understanding of it, especially the power relations, are intricate and non obvious.
Yesterday, I sent my mother a video of these two men, two brothers : Enrique y Guillermo de Fazio dancing the tango (a milonga).

I thought her comments were very interesting. She said those two dancers are alike, they are the same. There is no distinction between the partners. One leads, the other follows, the other leads, the first follows. They are both very masculine and if one has to be more masculine than the other, then it's the shortest one, surprisingly.
I only discovered afterwards that the dancers were brothers.
So I looked for more videos of tango between men, and although there are many that clearly state homosexuality, the gendered gestures are not always the ones we expect.

Tango used to be danced among men. Dancing with a woman was too outrageous at the time. Now it seems that man/woman dancing in couple is too conservative. Time changes. But the revival and popularity of couple dance is growing around the globe. This is where my current research is looking at. Let's see where is takes me.

One last video before I go go :

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  1. Hey, I just stumbled onto your blog and found this post on dancing men. I just love dancing male couples. I will contemplate on it why. But for now, thanks for posting these vids. Interesting blog!

  2. Thanks ! You can find more videos of dancing men / women in lindy hop if you're interested. A very popular and famous male partnership is Al Minns and Leon James in the 30's-40's, but there are many more examples, especially among contemporary swing dancers. You should check it out.

  3. Oh yes, they're great. Must have been the inspiration for this one, which you might have seen already:


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